Cell Medic: Waterville, ME: Phone – Laptop Repair, Cracked Screen, Battery, replace cell phone.

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replace cell phone

Before you collect on an insurance claim call Cell Medic,

we beat most insurance prices 99% of the time!

Cell Medic | Serving Waterville, ME, Augusta, ME

and the Surrounding Area

We Beat Manufacturer Pricing!

Student Discounts Available

$10 College Discounts

For local colleges with valid college ID on orders over $50

Replace cell phone

Cracked Screens

Replace cell phone

Water Damage

Replace cell phone


Replace cell phone

Charging Port

Replace cell phone

Experienced Cell Phone and Electronic Repair

Cell Medic | Serving Waterville, ME, Augusta, ME and the surrounding area

Before you replace your broken smartphone or other electronic device in Waterville, ME, Augusta, ME or the surrounding area call Cell Medic for a free estimate to fix it! Our service could easily save you hundreds of dollars or more. Whether you have a cracked iPhone screen or a water damaged device, we can fix your cell phone or electronic device. Cell Medic is dedicated to providing quick and quality service to all our guests. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times on repairs. In many cases, you can drop off your phone or electronic device and we’ll have it fixed by the time you return from grabbing lunch.

Don’t Pay Manufacturers’ Repair Prices

Broken or malfunctioning cell phones and electronic devices are a major headache, and the prices charged by manufacturers to repair these items can break anyone’s wallet. Cell phone batteries and new charging ports can cost a consumer a pretty penny. For the best prices available for fixing your cell phone or electronic device, look no further than Cell Medic. We offer the best prices in Waterville, ME, Augusta, ME and the surrounding area for cell phone and electronic repair services. Stop by Cell Medic today for a free estimate on your phone or electronic repair!

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